Welcome to the Broke Game Developer.

We lost all of our money on Dogecoin & Shiba Inu. The only thing we've got to show for it is this stupid game.

About Us

True Story - We started a pretty cool crypto project that got screwed over by one of our partners. The guy turned out to be one of the biggest scumbags on planet earth. He robbed of us millions, so now we are broke. Soon after our father passed away, and then our mother got scammed by a nigerian deep fake AI romance scam. Til this day, she is still in love with a fake person thats 20 years younger than her from overseas.

After all of the sadness, we started creating apps to remind us of how bad life screwed us over! NEVER AGAIN!


We built this game to troll dogecoin (and all crypto), as it's a good for nothing, useless, stanky meme. Just like the market... in this game you'll climb the charts, fall off and lose instantly!

No chance of winning at all with this game, as youll hit red candle sticks all day long!

Will doge coin go up again? The chances of that is the same as winning this game, never! haha..


✅ Endless days and nights of looking at charts for absolutely no reason at all!

✅ Bunch of headaches and heart aches from taking all them L's!

✅ A life long lesson that gambolin isnt da wae!

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